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What is E-commerce?

Let us begin with a basic definition of e-commerce. This is a term referring to the purchase or sale of goods and services via electronic: channels, like the Internet. This includes: • Businesses selling to businesses (B2B) • Businesses selling to consumers (B2C) • Consumers selling to busin … Continue reading



WP Ecommerce

The New WordPress WP ECommerce Plug In Is An Excellent New Development WordPress has recently unveiled its brand new WP eCommerce plug in, an advance that is sure to catch the fancy of millions of online entrepreneurs and SEO experts all across the globe. The advantages that this new software … Continue reading


eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO: Influencing Search Engines and Visitors E-commerce facilitates interactions between businesses and customers utilizing online mediums. These actions can range from acquiring information about products or service to purchasing items that a customer receives. The problem with many … Continue reading